Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The run towards a Dream home - Reality or Myth ?

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Every now and then you will hear people speaking “few years back a decent 2BHK flat cost around 30lakh now the same flat would cost some were around 80+lakh or even more depending on the locality”. Now rising prices are not common to people in country like India, where prices fluctuate for every little political stunt or even depend upon demand and supply. Now this is hard to accept the fact that sometimes these prices change a lot more than expected and there is no control over it. This major fluctuation is not always as per the market, real estate scams & frauds, excessive commissions between builders and agent can also cause the price increase to the end consumer. 

Hurdles before you own your dream house:

Normal middle class people always have dreamt for a dream home, right from the state when they start earning. But these dreams don’t materialise for many, because by the time they would at least manage to get the down payments for a flat, the prices might have gone higher than the time, when they actually planned for a house & started saving. Home loans are been arranged now a days with many private and nationalised banks to help the cause. But the point still remains that, the huge price variations have made many prospects buyer to shelf their dreams.

Agents in between builders:

“Agents”- now this term is a very common term now a days, almost every sector irrespective of real estate sector has agents in between the selling party (builders) in this case & the prospect buyers.
Agents can be good or might cause a big hole in your pocket towards your dream home, because they tend to raise the price to the buyers while increasing their profits. This can be controlled apparently if builders try to acquire buyers themselves rather been more dependent on the agents.

Land scarcity & Increase in living costs (Inflation):

Increase in prices is what we are more acquainted with, which has become very much common now days. Government change or major economic reforms, depreciation in exports, and depreciating rupee value cause major drive to the increase in prices. Now the increase in prices not only affects the upward trend in constructed space, it also pushes the cost of construction materials. The price for a flat before construction would largely vary in comparison to a constructed flat. Though builders are coming up with excellent offers to reduce the price to lure buyers, but largely they fail to keep up with the promise and somewhere or the other buyers end up to be on the losing side.

Land Scarcity is another big problem in developing cities like Bangalore, where the prominent places to stay are either filled up or there is no space to initiate any further constructions. Either a buyer has to shell out, way to much of cash to buy a dream home at a place of his desires or rather he will have to compromise to a different place which could be either far from the city or could be in down suburbs.

Dreamz Infra towards Innovation and Making people dreams come true:

Dreamz infra one of the upcoming and most respected real estate company in Bangalore. Dreamz has always strived in making people’s dream come true by building breakthrough price challenging homes; Dreamz looks forward towards their customers with robust engineering, excellentdesign team to assist, timeline bound, and customer centric approach. They believe in complete value for money in what they build, dreamz have continuously evolved them-self in respect to their customers from the customers reviews, feedbacks & encouragement. There residential projects include affordable apartments to luxury flats with all modern amenities, they have always worked towards to keep the prices affordable by keeping up the quality with innovative aesthetics.


  1. Dreamz GK Infra is really a multi-optional organisation for every common people in Bangalore. I hope and wish them to grow in future in every aspects….

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    1. Thank you, keep following us, for more information...

  3. Looking for 1 bhk ready possession . Want to know the budget required.

  4. With in 2 years of span, the flat prices are almost doubled. This is not a good sign for real estate sector.

  5. In Recent days, It became very difficult to identify the agents. Because they are introducing themselves as a builder and they are taking profit from the builders for the booking.