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What is "A" KHATHA and "B" KHATHA - find the differences

For thousands of Bangaloreans residing in the new BBMP areas, a legitimate document that proves they own their property is a matter of utmost importance.

Interactions by Deccan Herald with a cross section of people from these areas brought this out forcefully.

Srinivasan has a property near Hosur Road which was a gift from his father. “I am nearly 40 years now and waiting for the government on its stand on khatas. How many more years should one wait?” he wonders.
The area, where his property is located, was originally under the jurisdiction of the grama panchayat, before it came under the jurisdiction of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) limits. But after four years, Srinivasan still has the documents of the panchayat days.

He has heard about the ‘B’ khatha, but does not want to apply for it because of its ambiguous nature. “It would be better that I directly get the A-khata and be sure and secure about my property” he says.

There is a great deal of confusion on the Khata itself, because the “B” Khata is actually an entry in a property identification register. The “Khata” is also a misnomer, as stated by the BBMP Commissioner, Siddaiah himself. No wonder, the property owners are a worried and anxious lot.

Compounding the confusion has been the eagerness of many BBMP personnel and middlemen to cash in on the “B-Khata” craze. There are several cases of bribery by people wanting to get properties registered through these khatas. Many have fallen into this trap. The cost of a document as proof of an entry in the B-Register (which is actually not a khata) has been fixed as Rs 110, but there are many residents who have paid much more.
Take for instance Lakshmanappa, a 65-year-old who owns a property in Kengeri. He had to go through a plethora of hardships to finally get that promised document, which he still thinks is an alternative for a khatha. “I had to shell out Rs 12,000 at the BBMP office and then again Rs 4,000  at the Sub-Registrar’s office. Even after paying so much, my registration was done only after four months,” he recalls.

Lakshmanappa knows that his ‘B-khata’ does not entitle him to his property and that it is just an acknowledgement for the property tax he/she has paid to the BBMP. “Well, something is better than having nothing”, he says.

Although the BBMP officials wouldn’t admit it, the bribery is an open secret. Salim (name changed) who stays near the Old HAL Airport, having heard about the “‘B’ khatha,” wanted one for his property and tried to get a middleman to do the job. “The agent said he could do it for me for Rs 2000. He also openly admitted that most of the money was for BBMP officials,” says Salim.

In another part of the city, Bommanahalli, also a new BBMP area, a resident, Kamal owns a three-storey building. He claims that his property is registered under the City Municipal Council. But he apparently was not even aware that since the inception of the BBMP, the CMC registrations wouldn’t hold much water unless he did the necessary documentations. 

“Most of them are clueless about B-register which is generally perceived as the B-khatha,” notes Mahesh Babu, an advocate. The BBMP offices, he says, take advantage of the ignorance of people to engage in mismanagement.  “People don’t even know that they cannot avail loans from nationalised banks with this so called B-khatha nor do they know that this doesn’t certify them as legal owners of their property.”
Most people want valid documents not just to feel secure about their property but also to convince banks to sanction housing loans. Many nationalised banks now insist on the “A-khatha” issued by BBMP. “I want to desperately get a loan but want to get one only from a nationalised bank.  A genuine document would benefit not only me but also a government bank” says Srinivasan.

A-Khata, B-register or ‘B’ khatha, almost everyone prefers the BBMP to hold an interactive forum for people to clarify all their doubts. As Srinivasan puts it. “That is the least the government can do at the moment.”
Siddaiah, Commissioner, BBMP.

There is nothing called a ‘B’ khatha in the KMC Act 1976. There is only one khatha. What has come to be known as ‘B’ khatha is the ‘B’ Register

Raju , property owner and realtor 

I paid Rs 4,000 and applied for the registration of my property a long time ago. However I got my ‘B’ khatha only 15 days ago

Sudheesh, property owner, Shastri Nagar

Although I have paid the necessary charges and got my khatha registered, there are a lot of property owners in the new BBMP areas who are confused about the issue. The BBMP could hold interactive meetings for better clarity

Khatha for dummies

* A Khatha is an identification paper issued by the local civic body to recognise the ownership of a property and that makes the owner eligible to receive the civic amenities extended to him or her.
* Each City or Town municipal council and corporation issues a Khatha identifying the property owner, after verifying the title deed, the sale deed and other documents apart from measuring the extent of the site.
* Over the years, indiscriminate issual of Khathas were recorded in the City Municipal Councils and Town Municipal Councils without verifying the documents for the land.

* In 2007, those under the seven City Municipal Councils (CMC) of Bommanahalli, Dasarahalli, Krishnarajapuram, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Mahadevapura, Byatarayanapura, Yelahanka, one Town Municipal Council (TMC) of Kengeri and 110 villages, were brought under the fold of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP).
* Following this expansion and creation of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), those who did not have appropriate approval from the concerned land development authority and yet to come under the ambit of the Palike were issued an acknowledgment which was in common parlance known as ‘B’ Khatha. 
* However, in reality, ‘B’ Khatha does not exist. Property identification numbers are entered into a register called as  ‘B’ register stating that the civic agency has been paid its dues by the property owners.
* For citizens in need of an approval from the appropriate land development authority but have a Deputy Commissioner (DC) conversion, the BBMP re-introduced Betterment Charges which will entail people to take a Khatha on their property.
* Recently, the Legislative Assembly approved the extension of the DC conversion for another year.
* However, owners of properties with building bye-law violations will have to wait for Akrama-Sakrama.  
It is advisable to go for properties having A Khatha as in case of B Khatha you are not entailed to have building license, trade licence or loan from banks or any other financial transactions. B Khata is a temporary measure which will allow you to buy or sell a site, but you will face problems when you go for construction.

Khatha conversion

 B Khatha can be converted in to A Khatha. Keep the below mentioned details and documents ready for converting a B Khatha to an A Khatha:
1. You should have DC converted property
2. Property tax must be paid till date

3. Betterment charges for the conversion property to be paid to BBMP
Refferences -Deccan Herald and BBMP

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  1. Which option is better for first time buyer - whether to go for big names or small builders?

    1. Here doesn't matter about "Big or Small builders", here only matters about documents. If there is no proper documents can you go for a Big a builders, you don't, right. Better go for builders those who have A katha, then it safe for your hard earned money.

    2. I agree you Tejus for our safer side it is Ok, If we buy a A katha property we can be safer side. It is our biggest investment in our life time. So we should should proceed though the proper plan.

  2. @swami sheikh: Like a proverb which states "Every fingers in a hand are not similar to each other" A big builder or small builder doesn't make much difference for a newbie in property buying.
    The point is you need to look into several aspects: starting from the reputation of the builder, reviews of the builder, projects held, cost, legal documents, latest updates, etc...

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  7. B Khata is a temporary measure will allow you to buy or sell a site, but you will have problems if you want to construct on it. For getting building plan and Bank loan for construction, ‘A’ Khata is necessary.

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  10. Top start the construction in any land. The land should get A - Khata certificate. Helpful information on Khata A and B. Beforebuying any land it is better that to enquire about the location as well as the Khata.

  11. Should all sites intending for conversion from B Khata to A Khata, have DC conversion. I have heard that DC conversion is not necessary for all sites and is required for a particular categories. How about Krishnarajapuram CMC sites (with B Khata)?

  12. Today I came with a question from a friend, saying about her booking in a pre-launched project which is under Khata A, She was asking what is this Khata A and B? I have no answer to give her, and my curiosity made me search about it resulting me landing on to this blog.
    What I found from my search; khata is consider as assessment of a property for the record details such as location and size of the property etc identifying the owner and it is required before any construction. Now the simple difference between these khata is those location coming under BBMP need Khata A for construction and the rest property which are only registered are coming under Khata B. The disadvantage of is you can not get license for building apartment if it is under Khata B until and unless you convert it into Khata A.

    1. Thanks Dreamz infra and Shilpa for sharing this valuable information, wrongly I was planning to book a flat in a pre-launched project of a builder and later found that the land is in Khata B and it is not eligible for construction. It can be converted to Khata A but the builder does not seem to be so aggressive in doing the process.

  13. Due to the lack of information unfortunately I was bought a plot of B Katha and I came to know the importance of the 'A' Katha and Katha conversion. Now I was applied for the katha conversion for my plot, after getting a A katha I will start construction of my home.

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