Monday, 24 June 2013

Is Your House 100% Vastu ? Here are some ways to eradicate the Negative Energy

Vaastu Shastra

Here are some ways to ward off negative energy from your home:

Vastu Shastra is depends on the 8 directions of the earth’s magnetic field.
Most of us know that Vastu means Directions to live, but it is not! Now a day’s people in city or most educated people follow vastu system (vastu Shastra).
Even though we are born with good horoscope, our lifestyle and many other things are dependent on the House where we stay, so we are concerned about Vastu.

What's Vastu all about ?

The main Direction is EAST - the house should be east facing, it is just a logic that the morning sunshine should enter the house, and Sun's Energy has the power to cure the most of the skin diseases!

Points mentioned below looks simple or silly for many of us but practice them properly; you will find some change in your life in short time!!!!

·        Get up early in the Morning at least by 6.30 AM
·        Clean the House (sweep and mopping) don't depend on your Wife (help your wife everyday so that she will feel happy and the whole day of yours will be cheerful).
·        Open Up curtains full and clean up the mats every day.
·        Don't keep used Towel on Doors, chairs or on Sofa (It causes for Loan or loss on financial matter),
·        Keep the toilets Clean – use Phenol or Dettol.
·        Use washed Clothes everyday and never use torn clothes.
·        Play a Lite Music / mantras at home (Morning and evening) like Vishnu sahasra Nama, daily chant mantras.
·        Have food with all family members every day – most of the times, whenever possible.
·        Talk nicely with Kids and make some funny moments there.
·        Have a positive talk every day with wife/husband and with your parents too, don't just say Bye to wife and go!
·        Never keep any rooms unused (dark or with no light) for longer time.
·        Try to accommodate an Aquarium 

Advanced Methods to ward off Negative Energy:

·        Keep Salt in a Teacup in all the corners(4 per room) of the House (Change every week once) – Don't use powdered salt and use paper tea cups (Small) and fill salt 75% of the cups.
·        (When changing the salt - collect all the salt in a tumbler and pour it to toilet or bathroom (Do Not use or reuse the salt).
·        Put some posters in Hall (currency posters).
·        Don't keep Mirror in Bedrooms, If you have already cover with clothes in nights.
·        Main Door –Door mats should be RED Colored – put one at outside and one inside.
·        Put an Om symbol (or Swastik) on main door (stick a gold colored symbol).
·        When doing Puja use Bells (Big bells).

Points are many, but the most important part is to follow it studiously. we will come up with more significant Do's & Don'ts for vaastu in our further posts.

Keep following us, for more insight on the same. More detailed manuscripts can be obtained, feel free to share your comments & reviews.


  1. Good vastu tips...definitely I will try this at my home.

    1. Very good explanation on Vaastu Shastra. Hopefully this will help us for the home seekers.

  2. Hidden science under this Vastu.

  3. Clearly explained here about the relation between the Science and Vaastu. As mentioned earlier Really Sun's Energy has the power to cure the most of the skin diseases also.

  4. Very Good information kept in this blog about Vaasthu. Keep on post the useful information like this.

  5. Very good information on Vaasthu, which is very important while constructing houses.

  6. Vaathu shatra is scientifically related to Science. So there is nothing wrong in believing Vaastu. Even builders are giving their primary priority in Vaasthu as moots of the home buyers are taking care of that before buying it.

  7. Everyone has a place to live and we call it home, it can be either western style or any urban style depends on our life style, on how we live there and how we maintain our home. Everything in your home starting from the entrance gate to your kitchen and bath room placement has an effect on your life. Now big builders having apartment beautifully designed and full of luxurious amenities but no one bother about the direction or placement of rooms in their home. This is a nice effort by dreamz infra builders to make people aware of vastu sastra which is originate by Indians.

  8. Hi, for the first time I heard this term vastu sastra was when I purchase a duplex my father told me to show it an astrologist or someone who knows about vastu, I never beilive on these so rather searching a person I start searching about it on internet I found a lot of information about it. I know a little bit of it which I want to share with you.

    the most powerfull area of the house is south-west corner of your home so in most of the vastu complience homes this site is completely closed in order to preserve this energy within your home.

    1. There are 10 directions in Vastu these are East, North, west, South, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, space and down. In a glimpse these 10 direction has its specific usages for Vastu, north direction is known as wealth and career direction, east is consider as power of the house west for stability and south is consider as bad direction. The corner direction Northeast is dedicated to lord Shiva, southeast dedicated to Agnidev acting as a well wisher for your house, Northwest is the direction of moon brings stability to your home whereas Southwest owned by Demon and consider as the strongest direction of your home.

  9. Vastu Shastra was originated in India and later it was translated to many foreign language, it is our negligence that we never valued it while and after many arguments people starts feeling its importance in their home. Now in some Architectural colleges they are including fundamental course in vastu sashtra as a chapter.