Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Design Flats - A 3D View of Some amazing apartments

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 Flats a living partner for all of us!!! It should look like : "Just amazing". When we are on travelling we would have seen some out standing Apartments, Flats, Villas.

But when it comes to our own - we end up with lot of confusion!!! Why Others? why not me? these questions are always a shadows for us isn't it? So here we have come up with some interesting 3D views of Flats.

Browse it and keep it for yourself, whenever needed you just come here and decide. In this Particular Blog of Dreamz infra bangalore we will be updating with lot of new pictures, desings and reviews about Bangalore real estate companies.

 Dreamz infra review page can be found here And dreamz infra bangalore - request all the readers to post your comments on the same and share some interesting Flat design here, so that other readers can make use of it.


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  2. Perfect planning with perfect carpet area structure. Delivering the flats with more carpet are and designed the apartments in such a way that customers will get more corridor area. This 3D model is very much tempting me to bu a flat in dreamz infra, Thanks for giving the pictures of the flats details in a clear cut idea

  3. This is pretty interesting and chearful to see how my flat will be look like after its construction so that I can decided with a free mind. I feel like I am entering into my room, you won’t believe I have started planing what I should do on which wall although I have bought a pre-launch project of Dreamz infra in sarjapura.

  4. beautiful sectional views, definitely it gives a clear picture of your flat, how it would look like form inside after construction. Its looks so original and giving a clear view to place and plan your interior designs.

  5. Today builders are coming with these type of concept in order to engage their customers more towards their project and to give them a real life experience. This will help to those buyers who are not able to see the model flats at the time of purchase and for those people who are investing in pre-launched sites.