Thursday, 23 October 2014

Attention Home Buyers – Watch out for Design snags

Investment on your dream property needs a bit of caution as one puts one’s life time savings into the property hoping for safe and a dream shelter. Buyers in Bangalore need to be cautious before investing their hard earned money in to a property. Most of these construction snags can be addressed by a little careful observation and a bit of deeper intervention.

Bad construction and Building plans are broadly of four types which the property buyers should be aware of.

Design plan not in conjunction with site orientation
Architects feel this is a common and basic building orientation defect. The best design should be such that the floor plans are exceptionally oriented to receive livable and natural sun light. It, otherwise means the design should focus the exposed area to maximum light and should maintain livable temperature, keeping the surroundings in mind. The architects feel that urban population is too concerned about Vaastu which makes them miss this basic feature.

As an example a kitchen having ample morning sunlight is undoubtedly good but not at the cost of designing the doors, outlets and window in a manner which increases the temperature.

Therefore, a construction orientation towards east – west is the best option to get the maximum sunlight but a sharp eye on the doors and windows and balconies facing east has to be kept so that the house does not get torched with the rising heat of Bangalore.

Identify the floor plan flaws
Unevenly distributed floor plan configuration is undoubtedly a sign of bad construction. This is often an outcome of the builder’s attempt to save space for other apartments of the building.

One should enter the space and imagine it as to how it will look like when it is fully furnished. Many designs end up being too narrow and wrong utilization of space characterized by inappropriate master bedroom entry. Builders are often found camouflaging inappropriate ventilation by using more of glass and even glass bricks. Issues like these can be addressed by asking for a ventilator with sliding glass which is effective, yet simple.

Not catering to the larger demographic needs of the family.
A bad design is also characterized by buildings without ramps and railings for the elderly. This is a sign of inconsiderate design as the elderly generation’s need has been neglected as every family is bound to grow old in the long run.

Expert architects note that many builders take note of the need of elderly people in their design but often compromise while constructing proper structures keeping the children’s needs in mind.

As an example the area for senior citizen’s walking or sitting needs to be provided with easy grip. Similarly the children’s play area should be child-friendly and at a safe distance from the elderly person’s area. The reason is, children needs to run and play around without being a hindrance for the elderly.

The view of an apartment – How sustainable it is?
Buyers choose either the ‘water’ or the ‘meadow’ view. View can also affect the everyday living of a family.

A water view has the hurdle of constant noise of swimmers if it’s a pool, with risk of mosquitoes and even frogs infesting your home, if it happens to be a lily or lotus pond. If it’s a meadow, you may get a view of small greenery or a distant view of trees. The chances are that it can be out of your gated community. In that case you always run the risk of losing the view of greenery with the development of that area.

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  1. In addition to this we should consider one more point also like Apartment security, which will make a big difference. Like Alarming system, Secured compound wall and 24 Hour surveillance facility with cameras in the corridors and lifts.

  2. There is a quite common fact, that people will think in so many ways before purchasing a home, as this will happen once in a life time. But some people will forget few things before booking a flat. Better to know the reputation of the builder in online and also by inquiring with the customers of their completed projects. If the apartment is for senior citizens then we have to go with the branded builder in which they will provide jogging track and amenities.