Saturday, 14 June 2014

Get more value if you spend more in a Project

Bangalore is witnessing a robust development in all sorts of projects including mid-segments and luxury projects. Each and every project today comprises of amenities like children’s play area, senior citizens walk and sitting area, landscape gardens, community halls for private functions, swimming pools and the list prolongs. But the question is do they really meet the expectations of the buyers.
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In an attempt to make the consumer well-versed, here’s a list of necessities that will make sure that you have got the desired the property. 

Pedestrian passageway
The ‘pedestrian pathway’ should be wide enough for 2 people to walk at ease and senior-citizen friendly and free of risks. Generally, the average size of pathways is about three and a half to four feet wide to facilitate pedestrian and wheelchairs.
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It is also suggested that the township planning authorities should be designed in such a way that it should be pedestrian environment safe, footways, paths and minimize clashes with outside factors like noise, vehicle traffic, and distended architectural features.

Swimming Pools
Know the hygiene and maintenance plans to manage swimming pools and chemical composition of water because sometime chlorine limit that needs to be maintained based on the quality of water and some developers are unaware of this.

Kids Play Area
Make sure the kids play area is close to parking as it is a safety measure and ensure that the sand in play ground is changed frequently and first aid kit is available in proximate.

Landscaped Gardens
Check landscape garden is available in the project and make sure that the plants planted are without thorns as it is unsafe for kids and during heavy rain its possible trees could fall hence make sure that trees planted have deep roots and some plants shed leaves that may make walkways slippery. So, it is better to keep an eye on the fauna in the project as well. 
Gym Requirements
Ensure that fitness room is huge and with sufficient lightings are sunlight. The club entrance should give the views of the key amenities that will allow users to get adjust easily.

Open to Senior-Citizen
Verify the project is open to senior-citizens with facilities like relaxing areas in open place that are quite safe as well, easy access to transportation within the project, separate paths for cycling and pedestrian pathways, etc.

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  1. Please give insight about how dreamz adheres to the measures you have stated in this blog. And how about quality of construction. Is dreamz offering quality constructions apart from price benefit? Interested to know.