Sunday, 5 January 2014

BDA and BMRC under Legal Scanner

The BDA was directed by Justice AN Venugopala Gowda to conduct a survey on illegal constructions in TG Halli Reservoir Catchment limits Zone 3. Twenty-three villages would be subjected to investigation. Acting tough on the BDA, Gowda strongly expressed concern on failure to issue notices regarding such unauthorized constructions.


Citing violations of law by BDA, Gowda also pointed out that prompt action on BDA’s part would have prevented 137 units that came up in the area since 2013, despite a 2003 notification on the issue. The judge criticized city’s town planning authority in harsh words and seem to be keen on tackling illegal constructions.

This should be considered as a vital move in a city where illegal constructions have so far remained a significant concern. The court was straightforward in stating that the Government failed to deliver satisfactory results in the last decade when it comes to such illegal buildings.

December 14, 15, and 16 are the assigned dates and BDA does not have much time as the last date for submitting the report is December 17th. Also, two days are holidays. But, the court observed that authorities would not find it tough to conduct the survey on holidays. Also, to make things easy, the court has asked for 23 separate teams instead of a few teams, thereby one team of experts would get to analyze a specific village.

Yet another noteworthy development in relation to recent reformative activities is that the BMRC, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation, has been asked to submit detailed information on its Namma Metro Project’s workmen, contractors and sub-contractors.

This move is in order to prevent further violations of labor laws and construction norms. Previously, there have been instances of such violations by the people involved in Namma Metro Project.

The court was informed that further improvement is needed in these areas in terms of labor and living conditions.

The court took action after hearing the arguments based on a petition stating unlawful working conditions for Namma Metro laborers. The PIL was forwarded by Sathya Samuel, a social worker.

The ruling came in last week by a division bench lead by DH Waghela, Chief Justice.

Meanwhile, BMRC informed the court that there are nineteen chief contractors and about 4,500 workmen on project site, and also that all laborers were supplied ID cards. Also, the official reply pointed out that all the accident or any untoward incidents happened were promptly recorded.


  1. Very informatic. With this move govt. Can reduce the illegal constructions.

  2. Good one about the Legal Scanner.