Monday, 29 July 2013

BDA Retrieves Civic Amenity Sites By Clearing Apartment Parking Lots

A demolition drive witnessed BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) recovering eight Civic Amenity sites spread of 3.5 acres, which was allegedly occupied by the builders of Platinum City apartment complex in Yeshwanthpur. The project, supported by Indian Builders’ Corporation (IBC) reportedly has collected an estimated amount of rupees 6 crore from 300 residents, Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakh from each, by illegally allotting them parking space.

The Karnataka Apartments Ownership Act (1972) terms the sale of an encroached property as parking space to the residents as ‘Violation’. The builders are never authenticated to sell any undivided common area as their own property, since the state government assigns the space for civic activities like basements, cellars, yards, gardens, common parking areas and storage spaces. BDA observation reveals that several notices of Survey number 47 and 48 have been slammed on builders in the area Peenya, HMT and Yeshwanthpur for occupying the civic amenity spaces. 

Demolition of the apartment parking space along with a temporarily raised workers’ shed was the last resort of fetching back the spaces, as the stubborn builders casually ignored repeated reminders sent by the BDA. Even the court dismissed the builders’ plea, compelling them to repatriate the land taken into illegal possession.

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